History and Awards

History and Awards

History and Awards

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Bernard McGovern is the founder and president of BLU-GOLD Consulting Inc. (BGC) formerly known as Certified Irrigation Design Consultants (CIDC). His 30 plus years in the landscape irrigation industry includes designing and installing commercial, institutional, athletic field and residential irrigation systems as well as providing construction administration and troubleshooting services for his clients across Canada. Bernard has become an expert in designing irrigation systems using alternative water sources such as rain water, storm water and grey water.

Working in several markets, as an employee and as a company owner from 1975 – 2008, exposed Bernard to different design, installation and servicing techniques. He used this time to broaden his skills, enlarge his experience base and successfully complete industry recognized designations.  Bernard continues to keep his skills up-to-date by regularly attending class, seminars and webinars.

Bernard McGovern has taught classes and seminars in irrigation system design, installation and troubleshooting techniques as well as rain water and storm water harvesting system design in Alberta and British Columbia.

In April 2014 we changed our company name to BLU-GOLD Consulting Inc. (BGC) to better illustrate our ongoing commitment to conserve water as it is used in the landscape.

Bernard is known, nationally, for his ability to develop creative irrigation system designs set to very difficult specifications. He is highly respected for his troubleshooting and problem solving skills at the drafting table and in the field.

Prior to opening BGC, Bernard conducted onsite/offsite training for a variety of companies in the industry, developed irrigation design and installation specifications for municipal and provincial use and spent close to three years as a sales representative for an international irrigation equipment distributor.

To each design, Bernard brings integrity, honesty and ability enabling each client to realize their landscape irrigation vision.




2010 – City of Edmonton Elm Award for Construction Innovation

In 2010, Blu Gold (then Certified Irrigation Design Consultants Inc) was awarded the 2010 City of Edmonton Elm Award for Construction Innovation for its work, as part of a team, on the design of a water conservation system where all water captured on a park site can be fully recycled for irrigation. This system will allow the City of Edmonton to use hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each year that would normally be lost to the storm drains avoiding the need to use potable water for irrigation.The award citation reads as follows -“Water is considered blue gold and water conservation on park land will become a standard very shortly. There has been a team of individuals that have now created a water conservation system where all water captured on a park site can be fully recycled for irrigation. A first on any park land within the City of Edmonton.”


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