Construction Administration

Construction Administration

Construction Administration

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Use our 30 years of experience to help you get your irrigation or water harvesting system installed correctly and on time whether it is a BGC design or one you provide.

For us at BGC, construction administration begins long before a shovel is placed in the soil. BGC may start its work by helping our client with the contractor selection process and can remain involved until the installation guarantee period is fulfilled.

Our on-site construction administration services include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting a pre-installation site inspection. BGC will visit the project site to assess the feasibility of beginning the system installation.
  • Reviewing your irrigation plan and recommend modifications, if any, to the system layout based on the actual on-site conditions
  • Supervising/reviewing the irrigation system installation. BGC will visit your site at pre-determined points in the installation process or as requested by you to supervise and review the installation as it progresses.
  • Provide a written report after each site visit that notes work that is completed satisfactorily, corrections or changes needed to bring the installation in-line with specification and construction documents and a time-line for the completion of the changes.

To be able to properly administer the construction process BGC requires copies of the irrigation plan, schedule of materials, and specification and construction documents.

Note:  This service does not include arbitration of any kind between client and contractors, sub-contractors or employees. Contract administration does not include any training services unless requested in advance.

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