Irrigation System Design

Irrigation System Design

Irrigation System Design

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At BGC we understand that every landscape is unique. Our philosophy is to develop an irrigation system design for you that will use the correct amount of water, applied in the correct way and in the correct places promoting healthy, vibrant plant life. This will save you, our client, time, money and water.

We use our extensive training and hands-on field experience to sort through all the complicated details to provide you with an efficient, cost effective irrigation plan.

What we do:

  • Assess site characteristics prior to beginning the design. This may require a site visit.
  • Develop an irrigation design tailored to your site’s soil structure and texture, landscape use, plant needs, geography, local weather conditions etc.
  • Select the right combination of irrigation component for your project
  • Design an efficient watering schedule
  • Provide you with a schedule of materials
  • Provide you with a design drawn to scale

What we need from you:

  • A copy of the current/proposed landscape design (drawn to scale) or plot plan showing hard landscape, soft landscape, soil composition and topography
  • This drawing must also show the location, size and type of your water source, its water pressure and the type of pipe at the source
  • Any updated/revised drawings that may impact the irrigation design as soon as those drawings are available
  • (If required) Preferred drawing scale, title block, file format and paper size of the completed design
  • Pictures of your site, if possible

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