Construction Specs & Docs

Construction Specs & Docs

Construction Specs & Docs

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The question is sometimes asked, “What is the difference between ‘specification’ and ‘construction’ documents?

The answer is – a ‘specification’ document is used to describe the rules and standards by which any irrigation or water harvesting system design is to be based. This document may contain sample drawings to illustrate specific design requirements.

A ‘construction’ document is more detailed than a ‘specification’ document because it is written for a certain project based on a completed design. This document describes thoroughly how the design is to be installed and maintained. It may also contain installation drawings especially for components required by the design.

BGC has developed specification and construction documents that are in use by commercial entities, municipal and provincial governments.

Having a set of specification and construction documents from BGC helps ensure that your irrigation or water harvesting system(s) are designed for your needs and installed in a manner that is appropriate for your site conditions.

What we do:

  • Meet with you to learn your short term and long range landscape plans
  • Discover when, where and how you envision irrigation fitting into these plans
  • Determine your irrigation needs – including water harvesting if appropriate
  • Develop a set of specifications to fit your requirements
  • Develop  customized construction documents for each system design


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